About Chinarama

I used to live in China, initially as student of Chinese at Tsinghua Univeristy, and later as a copywriter. But now I’ve relocated back to the UK.

I began this blog as way of capturing what I saw, heard and experienced in my life in China. Besides capturing everyday events in Beijing, I also aimed to explore various facets of Chinese pop culture and trends, which tend to not reach outside the country itself (due to the language barrier).

Now that I am back home, I do plan to continue writing China posts and sharing photos from time to time (it’s away of keeping my China experience alive for me).

I blog over at Maptia these days – come take a look!

laura morgan

Me and Dragon, my China born and raised kitty (who also successfully relocated with me to the UK).


8 responses to “About Chinarama

  1. Thank you! Your blog is great, the name is perfect and the photographs are dreamy. I’ve been in China for almost 2 years, although it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.

  2. We of the Wocview team greatly appreciate your comment! Your blog looks great!
    We update our blog on a daily basis with articles from all parts of the world about Chinese related matters. Keep your postings up, it’ll be great to read them from time to time.
    Auf wiedersehen!!! (German)
    Thomas of the Wocview team

  3. Hi there!
    I’m very happy to have discovered your blog today, and looking forward to learning more about China. Thank you for stopping by on my blog!
    All the best
    Ali, aka Haikugirl 😉

  4. Nice to discover this blog.
    I wonder, how do you feel now, a few years after returning to the UK? Do you miss living in China, or plan to return?
    I can’t imagine leaving Japan after some years here. Despite it not being perfect, there are so many things about daily life that I’d really find difficult to give up.
    Please keep up the blog – I’ll keep visiting.

    • I’ve been back about a year. Initially it was very weird and I would accidentally mutter thank you or ok in Chinese when I was paying in shops(!). Now it feels a bit like a dream, hence the reason for resurrecting my blog. I have lots of photos, thoughts and experiences I want to share. Also, my family and friends have probably had enough of, ‘When I was in China…’ stories, so it provides me with a good outlet.

      I do miss China. Beijing can be a harsh city to live in (weather, pollution, terrible public transport), but I still miss aspects of it (food, friends, temples and mountains on the outskirts). I’m very happy back in the UK, but I’d like to return one day – maybe to Shanghai or Guangzhou or Hong Kong. However, there are other places in the world I’d like to live too, like Japan. I love Japan – I always wanted to live there, but I somehow ended up in China. I visited Japan in 2011 and it was just how I imagined. I would love to live and work there one day, but I’m not sure how likely that will be.

      PS – I’m a big Japangasm fan, keep up with the blogging!

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