Cherry Blossom in Beijing

I used to love the Spring cherry blossom in Beijing, it always shook the city to life.

These photos were taken on a stroll through Beijing’s Grand View Park 大观园.

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6 responses to “Cherry Blossom in Beijing

    • There’s a fair bit around in London – it actually inspired me to do this post. I’d love to visit Japan during the cherry blossom season. Spring in Beijing was nice, but I imagine it’s more awesome in Japan.

  1. Yes, it is truly awesome in Japan, well worth experiencing! Not only for the spectacular pinkness of the trees, but for the whole cultural side. The entire spirit of the city changes, and almost every aspect of culture indulges in mad sakura excitement.

    Advertising, products, news…and of course the days when it finally arrives and everyone’s out to celebrate.

    • It sounds a bit like when it snows in the UK – a bit…. I’d really love to see the sakura – the trees and the blossom are more delicate than the variety we have in the UK.

  2. Lovely photos!! Love when spring arrives and the towns and cities fill with beautiful blooms of all colours. The pink cherry blossoms of Asia is definitely one of the most beautiful sights of spring ever!!

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