A Chinese Noodle Dance! 面条跳舞!

Behold the noodle dance!


A restaurant server dances with noodle dough at Beijing’s Haidilao Hotpot restaurant. (Gif created by Chinarama)

These guys make noodle making looking incomparably cool. They take your order of noodles and turn it into a whirling, twirling, noodle sculpting extravaganza. Noodles here! Noodles there! Noodles… KA POW!

Typically when you order noodles in a hotpot restaurant, you simply expect your plateful of noodles to be unceremoniously plonked on your table by a waitress. You certainly don’t expect them to be stretched a few meters and flung about with amazing dexterity by a B-Boy, before he casts them off in your hotpot soup.

It’s an intense and yummy experience.

A server at the Chinese hotpot restaurant Haidilao performs a noodle dance.

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