I miss Chinese supermarkets…

I miss Chinese supermarkets and giggling in the aisles after spotting things like this:

A sign in a Chinese supermarket with chinglish.

Spotted in a Beijing supermarket on 朝阳外大街


In the US bum has various meanings, the main one being, ‘a lazy person.’ However, in such far-flung corners of the world as the UK (where I’m from) and Australia, bum is primarily slang for the buttocks.

The Chinese characters on the sign say 包子 baozi, which is actually a type of steamed bun, stuffed full of yummy fillings. I can only assume that the intended word for the sign in this Chinese supermarket was actually bun, as opposed to bum… I wonder if  the sign is still there.

A photo showing a plate of Chinese baozi

A plate of steamed buns. (Tianjin Gobuli Baozi in fact)

What are some of the best Engrish mistakes you’ve ever seen?

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