Chinese university offers students a unique way to relax…

What do you do when you want to unwind?

a)      Listen to music

b)      Play computer games

c)      Do some exercise

d)     Hit inanimate objects

It would appear that the latter choice is more popular among students at Anhui University in Anhui province. According to Xinhua, Anhui University has just installed a relaxation room that is more psychiatric cell than recreation room.

There are no sofas, CD players or ping-pong tables, just padded walls and soft objects. Oh, and rods to pummel the objects with.

Students are ‘released’ into the relaxation room and allowed to open a can of whoopass on defenceless, vaguely human shaped soft objects.

It was too much for some

The press photos are somewhat reminiscent of Bandura et al’s infamous study with Bobo Dolls and angry tots…

Bandura observed kids who had witnessed an adult getting rough with a Bobo doll.

What the university is hoping to actually achieve with this room is still unclear. Higher test scores or more pacified students perhaps? Who knows…


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