Vampires in Beijing

So I’m aware that vampires have made a come back back in the west. I was surprised to discover the craze is starting to sweep through China. I came across this vampire themed bar tucked into a traditional Chinese hutong (I actually wrote about it for China Daily). The owner has a penchant for romantic vampire films and series like Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, and sees them as romantic creatures of the night, rather than narcissistic psychopaths or grotesque monsters.

I took some snaps:

The entrance to The V

The bar serves up ‘blood group’ cocktails

The bar also serves up a coffin shaped chocolate cake

Bar owner, Ye Jia

The V isn’t the only vampire-themed-bar-type-thing in Beijing, first came Vampire in Beijing.

A vampire-themed-bar-type-thing on Gulou Dongdajie (close to where The V is). Vampire in Beijing sells what appears to be blood, zombie blood and poison (Psst: actually it’s just fruit juice). The owner is more into old school vampire culture rather than the lovely-dovey stuff that’s come with the recent ressurgence.

Vampire in Beijing fruit juice vampire blood stall

China does have it’s own type of vampires, called Jiang shi 僵尸, which were made popular by Hong Kong vampire-kung fu flicks like Mr Vampire (watch it). Jiang shi hop, rather than walk, kill humans by sucking out their qi (not their blood). Their bodies continue decomposing after they’ve died and they’re not known to communicate verbally, making them more like zombies than vampires. They certainly aren’t accustomed to coping with complex emotions like love

A typical Jiangshi

The V, 42 Wudaoying Hutong, Beijing. 五道营胡同42号

Vampire in Beijing, 109-3 Gulou Dongdajie, Beijing.  鼓楼东大街109-3


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