The panda costume wearing continues…

Hot on the heels of last week’s piece, we have this little furry nugget:

The image graced the front page of the December 17th copy of the Southeast Business and was picked up by Danwei

The text beside the photo reads: “That’s really dangerous, you know, dear?’

Initially I suspected that this was perhaps someone paying homage to the recent photos of researchers donning panda costumes (maybe he was on his way to a nature reserve to take a baby panda’s temperature) or that it was simply done to grab attention. However, according to the report who captured the image in Ningbo, the wearer simply donned the ridiculous outfit because he was cold.

“Mr. Wen, a 27-year-old from Anhui, has been working in Ningbo for five months. The panda suit is one he used last year in a promotional campaign for a Jiangsu-based business, and it cost him 400 yuan. He told the reporter that the weather was too cold, so he wore panda outfit, which was quite warm.”

Sure, it’s practical in one way, but it’s also fairly impratical  dangerous as well:

“The reporter reminded him, sure, it may be warm, but its visibility is poor, making it hard to see on either side, so it is far too dangerous!”

However, his excuse was probably just nonsense anyway. The evidence is mounting, and I think it is safe to assume that Chinese people just love to dress up as pandas whenever they get the chance.

'Chinese people dressed as giant pandas to celebrate the panda being chosen as one of the mascots of Beijing 2008 Olympics on November 11, 2005' - I'm sure there was a way to celebrate this that didn't involve people having to dress up as pandas and sticking their bodies out the top of moving vehicles.


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