Some Chinese Graffiti

 While wandering down one of Beijing’s winding alleyways, I spotted some rather cynical graffiti.

The poster was an army recruitment advert. The text says, 选择军营,无悔一生 – xuanze junying, wuhui yisheng – ‘Choose the army and your life will have no regrets,’ is basically what it means. It seems like the artist wasn’t convinced.

At a first glance it may seem like no big deal, ‘So what? Someone disrespects an army poster… Big deal.’ But in a country where the public still holds its military in such high regard; where the government celebrates its 60 year anniversary by staging the biggest military parade the world has ever seen;

Tanks holding nuclear weapons roll past The Forbidden City

and where tanks with armed guards were placed on the road in the run up to that military parade …

Photo taken at Dongsishitiao Subway, Beijing in September 2009 (for the weeks running up to the militar parade this tanks like this were stationed around the city).

… it’s a fairly unusual sight.


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