A fruity camper-van

One major plus of living in China is easy access to seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables at low low prices. In my new neighbourhood, we have fruit and veg market stalls pretty much outside the apartment compound. My favourite stall is the campervan fruit stall.

“When one has tasted watermelon he knows what the angels eat” ~ Mark Twain

The slightly derelict camper-van, which would normally be sent off to the yard to be flattened into a metal pancake and transported off to a steel mill, is used to form the base of the store – the store owner sits inside to avoid the midday sun, money is kept in here and fruit is prepared (sliced, boxes put together for delivery).

Summer fruits galore...

A glimpse at the internal workings of the camper van fruit stall

The fruit stall by night…

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana" ~ Groucho Marx


2 responses to “A fruity camper-van

  1. …And take them home I did. We had a few weeks of cherries filling up the fridge, however, cherry season seems to be coming to an end. That’s what I really love about the fruit and veg here – it’s seasonal. Each month brings new fruits and other disappear, but at least I know they aren’t being carted from across the world.

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